Rim Stripes or Decorative Wheel Rim Tapes

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Rim Stripes or Decorative Rim Tapes

Wheel Rim Trim Vinyl Tape Stripes - Fits motorcycles, cars, trucks and more

Motorcycle, Car, SUV or Truck Wheel Rim Tape or Stripes

Pre-curved to make fitting easier Enough precision cut curved tape for one complete bike - both wheels, both sides. 4 stripes per wheel edge, and we give you 18 standard stripes (2 standard are spares)

Supplied to Superbike racing teams, such as 'Macke' #74 Scandinavian Superbike Racing and YOMOTO Racing and Race Preparation Team in the UK, so are race proven/tested

No need to remove your wheels to fit, these stripes come in quarter circles, stick and move to next part - Instructions for applying are included

Made in the USA from USA produced Vinyl, all 6-8 year exterior use vinyl used, color all the way through, and when applied correctly these do not come off during normal use, or high speed. Fitting instructions are included and all come with application film fitted to ease application where needed

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